Mapungubwe National Park

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ut of the mist of the mysterious past, rises the Mapungubwe National Park.
Located at the confluence of the mighty Shashe and Limpopo Rivers, this envisaged transfrontier park embraces South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Mapungubwe gives tangible proof by way of rich fossil deposits, Bushman rock art and gold artefacts (including the famous Golden Rhino) of ancient civilisations that once flourished here. The giant baobab trees, riverine forests and associated floodplains provide an intriguing mix of habitat for a tremendous diversity of special creatures. Here herds of elephant and buffalo roam, and the roar of the lion echoes through the still of the night.

Our packages include accommodation at Leokwe Camp – Mapungubwe’s main camp, located in the eastern section of the Park in the spectacular sandstone hills. The theme of the camp is based on the rich history of the area and the design is derived form the typical Venda village. Close to the camp guests can enjoy the Treetop Hide and the Confluence View Site & Picnic Area. The camp itself has a swimming pool and sundeck, as well as a central braai (barbeque) area.

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